Ganesh Jayanti 2022 | Puja Time & significance of this auspicious day

On Ganesh Jayanti, on Friday, February 4, two auspicious yogas, Ravi and Shiva Yoga, are being formed. According to astrologers, worshiping in Ravi Yoga gives manifold more results

At the same time, Shiva Yoga is also considered very beneficial. Manglik works done in these yogas are successful. Along with this, every wish of the person is also fulfilled. Let's know about the puja muhurta and yoga of Ganesh Jayanti.

ganesh jayanti 2022 puja auspicious time Chaturthi date starts - 04 February, Friday, 04:38 in the morning Chaturthi date closing - 05 February, Saturday, till 03:47 in the morning

Shubh Muhurta: 04 February, Friday, 11:30 am to 01:41 pm Total Duration: 02 Hours 11 Minutes

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